A step in a brand new direction

After many months of development, rebranding, strategising, and hours spent staring at the infinite abyss that is WordPress Visual Composer I am glad to announce that my photography has a squeaky clean new platform!

My new photography studio is up and running, with my aesthetic making a shift over towards mirrorless and film photography

A space to call my own

My new office and home studio is exactly what my photography needed – I now have a space I’m proud to call my own, and it’s perfect for my editorial and portrait work. It’s not too bad for when I do product and commercial work either! It’s very bright, white, and airy, and the natural light just floods in all day long. The orchids are a personal touch of mine, I have Ryan to thank for the rest of the design choices!

I’ve got some Elinchrom lights rigged up, including a super deep Octabox. I’m really looking forward to all the editorials and tests I can play around with now that I don’t have to worry about studio rentals or kit hire.

A slate to highlight my best pieces.

I’ve partnered up with Saal Digital to produce these exquisite brushed aluminium pieces. They’re very masterfully produced, with stunning colour reproduction and crystal clear sharpness. They refract light in such a subtle and pleasing way, I’m amazed that more companies don’t offer up the same choices that Saal Digital does, they produce prints of superior quality and their prices are amongst the most competitive I’ve seen (especially compared to labs in the UK). These brushed aluminium pieces make for fantastic wall art, and I’m excited to order more of them in to build up my photo wall!

They’ve got easy to use ordering systems and stellar customer service to boot. I am soon going to switch over from Loxley to Saal Digital for my prints fulfilment as they also offer great trade discounts for photographers. Check out their offers here.

New beginnings, new projects!

I am now happily settled in and shooting regularly. I am taking bookings for editorial, portrait, and commercial clients, and I look forward to hearing about any new and exciting projects you may have in the works! Click here to get in touch, let’s get shooting!