Hi! My name is Ira

I do so much more than just “take photos”. I help execute your vision and ideas in the my own unique, fun, and aesthetically pleasing way. The photos I create for you convey emotion, which is they always leave a long lasting and meaningful impact. I take my knowledge of visual language, my purposive and organised approach, and my years of experience and technical skill to craft irresistible imagery for you that excites clients, empowers brands, and delights audiences of every variety.

I am an avid storyteller and an expert visual communicator with a genuine love of all things film. I create moving image laden with nuance, humour, and emotion for marketing agencies, production companies, and advertising houses of all shapes and sizes. Crafted with a modern style and the human touch in mind, I aim to translate the essence of your brand into beautiful, captivating film. I take the elements that weave through culture, language, and identity to create bespoke, elegant, and timeless video that connects with people all over the world.

I am a constant traveller, fitness junkie, and generally happy person. I have a six-year old long-haired chihuahua named Charlie who likes to snooze on my lap while I retouch photos. I like modern streetwear, thin crust Italian pizza, and the occasional roller coaster ride. I spend my summers in Italy, Christmas in the Philippines, and my evenings watching horror films on Netflix with my partner. I love Ariana Grande, bulletproof coffee, and cold, sunny winter mornings. My drink of choice would be a single malt scotch with one ice cube.

I have photographed stills and moving image for clients worldwide, including brands, agencies, and publications in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Canada, and the United Kingdom. My short films have been exhibited internationally, and have been referenced by film students in their dissertations. I have worked with several agency partners in as a photographer and visual content producer including MRM-McCann, Havas Media Ortega, and Publicis Jimenez Basic in the Philippines and SpaceCity Productions, MR.WHITE, and Beyond Yonder in London. My list of clients includes Hermès Paris, Revlon, Toni&Guy, Superdrug, Tesla, Elle UK, Elle Decor Italia, L’Officiel Manila, F*cking Young!, Vanity Teen, HISKIND, Client Magazine, KALTBLUT, Vulkan Magazine, and other brands in fashion, lifestyle, beauty, technology, and consumer goods. 

6+ Years In the Making

I have been working in the film and photography industry for over six years, which has led to fun, fruitful projects and a great rate of return clients

International Background

Raised in a multi-cultural family, I am multi-lingual and I welcome people of all shapes, sizes, colour, and beliefs with open arms

Dedicated Space

I work in my dedicated home studio in leafy, quiet West London - a safe and quiet space in which I express my vision and realise my projects

Film & Digital

I am confident working with most full-frame digital, 35mm analogue, and instant film formats as well as most film and broadcast formats

Formal Education

I have a Bachelor's degree in Film from the University of the Philippines and I studied commercial photography at Central Saint Martins

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I love to collaborate and explore ideas, and I always strive to push the limit to produce work that my clients and I can be proud of