rates and services


Fashion, Portrait, Features
£270starts at
  • 8-15 retouched photos
  • 2-hour session
  • planning call
  • equipment & insurance
  • client proofing gallery


Campaign, Lifestyle, Still Life
£350starts at
  • 18-30 retouched photos
  • 3-hour session
  • planning meeting
  • equipment & insurance
  • proofing gallery with revision


Promo, Lifestyle, Online
£475starts at
  • 30-sec to 2-min film
  • 4-hour shoot
  • planning & production meeting
  • equipment & insurance
  • standard post-processing

Professional Standard

all film and photography produced to meet or surpass industry standards

Personalised Service

clients and projects of all shapes, sizes, background, and message welcome

Easy Payment Options

affordable and accessible with easy and simple payment options